New TODESSTOSS album out in November!

The brandnew, 6th album "Unverweslich" (translated to "not decomposable") was released by Labyrinth Productions as 4-sided Digipack CD with a 16 pages booklet this November!
Labyrinth is a sub label of Altare, that also will handle the distro for this album.
Musically the album really seems to be a mix of all previous albums what indicates to be interesting for fans of the older and newer stuff alike.

Tracklist of "Unverweslich":

1. Blumen brennen im Sodomsfeuer (14:07)
2. Seelenwichtes Schicksalsstumpf (07:52)
3. Himmelszelle (04:49)
4. Im Rachen der Zeit (09:10)
5. Virtuelle Hundeschädelsammlung (22:17)
6. Ritterlichkeit (12:51)

Martin Lang: everything
Benjamin Schmälzlein: main vocals on the 5th track

Altare offered a Digi-CD + Shirt pack as preorder including two stickers for a special price.

Overall only 18 T-Shirts and 7 Longsleeves were made. Altare handed the distribution of the "Unverweslich" clothes completely over to Traumorgane after the preorder period.


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New oil painting added to the gallery


No further releases (06/2013)

There won't be any further releases on Traumorgane-Kreationen. The Label is definately dead, while distribution and the Shop keep running.

The future of both projects is uncertain at the moment, at least with regard to further official releases.

Release date revealed

The new releases will be available exclusivley from Traumorgane on 12th January 2013 as special and regular editions.
Preorders will be accepted and possible in the SHOP from 21st December 2012 on (all shipping will start after new moon on 11th January)!

The next days I put the first samples on the official YouTube Channel.

Next release on Traumorgane-Kreationen (TK003)

TODESSTOSS – Heikäne Löwentötrin, MCD, lim. (Traumorgane-Kreationen, 2013)

It’s always suspicious, if you’re out of words, without having written down one single sentence!?
What demonic power is enslaved through this titan gorgeous track will be all but easy to describe.
It’s simply the equivalent of a deadly female praying mantis cutting the little male’s head from the trunk! It’s the female spider eating the male after sex. It’s the hyena killing the lion!

For several years Martin was in search of creating the ultimate femme fatale opus, not in the poor Hollywood style, but in the psychological, Freudian, surrealistic and occult way.
Having an imposing lyric up his sleeve, written in the first-person perspective (of the femme fatale), full of abstract and detailed symbolism at the same time, and a mighty instrumental song waiting to be invigorated by the demonic powers of the moon, it was providence to meet the one and only person, who could represent Heikäne Löwentötrin (Lionkiller Heikäne) an archetype of all the dark in women:
Larvalis Todesstoß (calling herself back then), maybe one of the world’s most extreme female vocalists in the fields of Dark Metal! In contrast to her snarling other vocalsist in the scene sound like little boys pissing their pants! A vague comparison could be a mix out of Landfermann, Cadaveria (at her best) and Diamanda Galas. Singing in German with her suitable French accent was just perfect for this topic (remember where the surrealistic movement comes from).
This was the beginning of a dream/nightmare to come true.

Faithfully to the TODESSTOSS EP-series, the three headed beast out of Larvalis (vocals), Euer Gnaden (bass) and Martin - the mastermind (everything else) - gave birth to a blood stained demon daughter who will hunt the soul savannas and dreams of men.
At least for over 25 minutes!

From furious and insane parts to dreamlike somnambulistic visions, in which even a creature like Heikäne shows her vulnerability, a wide range of varied musical elements of composition was used to make the grade of this big and surrealistic topic.
The Dark Metal basis is overgrown by the unique, indescribable style of the 121-cult: uncommon percussion, brute bass and psychedelic, almost ethereal guitars, leading the Lionkiller through her merciless foray, screaming for your head and penis to devour them finally.
This succubus won’t let you dry in every sense, ladies and gentlemen!!!

Prepare yourself for a new dimension in Dark Metal ...

This epic nightmare will be offered as first edition to the public as a six-sided DVD Digipack in 263 handnumbered copies.
The first 121 copies, “Edition Fleischgespenst” (“edition flesh ghost”) are numbered in red colour, include a DIN A3 poster with the stunning cover painting, a two-sided DIN A5 postcard with draft drawings of the cover art and a sticker with Heikäne riding on her lovely pet, a titanic monster hyena.
At the moment even the regular edition is available through TRAUMORGANE KREATIONEN only.
“Edition Fleischgespenst” will be available here exclusivley.
Be quick or be too late, folks!


The first three translated verses of the song’s poem (out of eight):

I am the antonym, the xenomorph creature
Flesh ghost of the anti-day
Counterpart, embodiment of hypothesis
Barefaced inventor of the grave!
J. Black with make-up & broken herald’s sceptre

I paint pictures of horror on lunar canvas
with the eerie rogue of the whore
Thanks to the riding brush of my feel-galopp
Self-portrait of shadows with red lip colour
A la Mantodea’s muse and tamer of the cliffed crotch

Marsh of muddy bat emotions
Wetland with XY-prey guaranteed
I build unethical labyrinths
According toVenus’ patterns
Bewitched by the fairybeast
Happily disharmoniously


Next release on Traumorgane-Kreationen (TK004)

VENUSPULS - Exitusse Aanaavee, CD, lim. (Traumorgane-Kreationen, 2013)

After 5 years of intense work on the new album, Traumorgane-Kreationen is able to finally present the 2nd opus of the Expressive Electronic Art project VENUSPULS.

The full facets of electronic music are combined to a fascinating and unique sound landscape
you cannot fail to be impressed by, if you’re into that kind of electronic art.
In comparison to the debut album 96 light steps have been made towards the new planet of wonders, secrets and lovely somberness.

Reminding sometimes of the 80’s and maybe early 90’s Electro scene “Exitusse Aanaavee” with its gloomy, poetically and even partly highly surrealistic lyrics covers indeed a wide range of styles from classic electro over dark ambient to power electronics and intelligent not noisy industrial. Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Das Präparat, Homo Futura, Stahlmantel, Dead Beat Project, Diabolos Rising, Plasma Pool or even the electronic Beherit albums are only some names that might come to the mind, though one will realize that nothing can stand the comparison really.
Two epic instrumentals of nearly 20 minutes each, developing themselves almost into living creatures due to the power surges to their musical heart are faced with three songs carrying the wide range of Martin’s vocals as known from TODESSTOSS’ more experimental stuff already, but even on a higher step. Variation and dynamic elements are the most striking features on the whole album, that reaches a playing time of nearly 70 minutes.
The production is a bit comparable to older electronic music and no high end modern stuff!

Without arrogance,concerning to Martin, this is the ultimate electro album, he was able to realize from the watchtower Earth, Venus always in sight, but unreachable at the end.
A perfect soundtrack for nightly walks through the city, visiting ruins or watching the stars above us!

The visual art shows different photo works of Martin of which the climactic scenes are for sure the exclusive shots of a body painting session with the German ballerina, actress and poet Marie Golüke, who plays the role of the obscure creature “Exitusse Aanaavee” in a congenial way!
As always from Traumorgane-Kreationen you’ll get something for the ears, eyes and some mental stimulation thanks to the lyrics (available in German and English), of which Sven Boddien, German expressionist and surrealistic poet, has provided two excellent poems.

The release is offered to the public as first edition in a Din A5 24-paged photo catalogue in 288 handnumbered copies.
The first 96 copies, “Edition Sinnenstorch” (“edition sense stork”) are numbered in red colour, include a between green and rose light metallic shimmering DIN A5 postcard with the digital art work “Monogamy”, a silver glossy sticker and finally a pro-CD-R with silver finish including 70 photos (most of them are exclusive material on this CD-R) of the complete Exitusse Aanaavee-session with the German ballerina, actress and poet Marie Golüke and 192 / 320 kbps bit MP3s of the whole album.
At the moment even the regular edition is available through TRAUMORGANE KREATIONEN only.
“Edition Sinnenstorch” will be available here exclusivley.
Be quick or be too late, folks!